Recombinant Protein



E. coli expressed proteins form Gentaur


CAS lab uses several up to 4 purification steps to purify our recombinants.


Escherichia coli produces recombinant proteins.

This cell factory used for the synthesis of recombinant proteins in E. coli and plasmids.

Recombinant proteins whare first made by Peprotec Ltd. that took the gene of interest, cloned it in whatever expression vector then, the proteins where ready for HPLC purification and characterization by cell culture.

Peprotech did not make all the recombinants themselves. They exchanged most of the cytokines in their catalog with other researchers. Int his way having some proteins they made the biggest catalog available in 1997.

In practice, however, lots of factors can go wrong. Poor growth of the host, inclusion body (IB) formation, protein inactivity, and even not obtaining any protein at all. Glycosilation is better in Pychia or CHO recombinants than in proteins from E. Coli expression.

CAS Lab is a leader in dealing with difficult-to-express proteins.

Inclusion bodies (IBs), protein aggregates inside of the cytoplasm of the cell publication by C Slouka.

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