Analyte:  1-Chlorobutane

Abbreviation:  1CBA

CAS Number or ID:  109-69-3

Department:  Organics

EC Number (EINECS):  109-69-3

Synonyms:  n-Butyl chloride;n-Propylcarbinyl chloride;Butyl chloride;1-Chlorobutane;n-C4H9Cl;Chlorure de butyle;NBC wormer;NCI-C06155;Sure Shot;UN 1127

Chemical Formula:  C4H9Cl

Apearance:  colourless liquid

Melting Point:  -123 C

Boiling Point:  79 C

Vapor Density:  3.2 (air = 1)

Vapor Pressure:  80 mm Hg at 20 C

Flash Point:  -9 C (closed cup)

Explosion Limits:  1.8 - 10.1%

Auto Ignition:  460 C

Water Solubility:  negligible

Stability:  Stable. Highly flammable. Note low flash point and wide explosion limit range. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong bases.

Laboratory tests that may be available by ALS - Columbia for 1-Chlorobutane (CAS # 109-69-3):

EPA 8260B Volatile Organic Compounds by GC/MS Liquid 5 GCMS

More analytical test methods may be available for 1-Chlorobutane. Please contact us for the latest available analytes and methods.

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