79-06-1 Acrylamide

CAS Number:  79-06-1

Chemical Name:  Acrylamide

Type of Toxicity:  cancer

Listing Mechanism:  Authoritative Bodies (AB)

Date Listed:  1-Jan-90

NSRL (No Significant Risk Level) or MADL (Maximum Allowable Dose Level):  0.2 µg/day

Where a source or product results in exposures by multiple routes, the total exposure must be considered. For example, the MADL for benzene is exceeded when the absorbed dose exceeds 24 µg/day. If only inhalation and oral exposure occurs, the benzene MADL is exceeded when: (oral dose ÷ 24 µg/day) + (inhalation dose ÷ 49 µg/day) > 1.0.

Chemical Formula:  C3H5NO

EC Number (EINECS):  201-173-7

Synonyms:  2-Propenamide;Ethylenecarboxamide;Propenamide;CH2CHCONH2;Acrylic amide;Akrylamid;Amid kyseliny akrylove;Rcra waste number U007;UN 2074;Vinyl amide;2-Propeneamide;Propenoic acid, amide

Appearance:  white crystalline chunks

Melting Point:  84 - 86 C

Boiling Point:  125C at 25 mm Hg

Flash Point:  84 C

Water Solubility:  moderate

Stability:  Unstable. Do not heat above 50C. Explosive. Incompatible with acids, bases, oxidizing agents, reducing agents, iron and iron salts, copper, aluminium, brass, free radical initiators. Air sensitive. Hygroscopic.

Molecular Weight:  71.0779

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