EPA Methods m 02c

Due to the complex manner in which secondary inorganic aerosols (SIAs) form, a need exists to develop a methodology to measure PM2.5 emissions from agricultural operations to better understand the contribution of SIAs to the PM2.5 fraction. When sampling particulate matter (PM), annular denuder systems (ADS) are a United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) approved system used to measure both gaseous and particulate components of aerosols.

While collecting basic gases, such as ammonia, using nine denuders was feasibly demonstrated in poultry housing units but the ability of additional denuders to accurately collect the SIAs on the filters is yet to be demonstrated. An experiment was designed to assess particle deposition behaviors throughout three different ADS configurations.

It was determined that the nine denuder configuration resulted in particles being impacted and retained, mainly in the U-bend junctions, prior to reaching the filters with only 87.2% of PM2.5 reaching the filter pack. The US EPA-prescribed ADS configuration had 99.4% of PM2.5 reaching the filters, indicating that there is an impact due to the U-Bend addition to the system. It was further demonstrated that having additional denuders in series with no U-Bend had no significant impact on PM2.5 deposition on the filters with 98.9% of PM2.5 being collected.


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