EPA Method 5154

This method is also applicable to the determination of salts and esters of analyte acids. The form of each acid is not distinguished by this method. Results are calculated and reported for each listed analyte as the total free acid. This method is able to quantify the mono- and di-acid forms of Dacthal but not the parent compound.

Detection Limits are compound, instrument, and matrix dependent. The Detection Limit is defined as the statistically calculated minimum amount that can be measured with 99% confidence that the reported value is greater than zero.(1) Experimentally determined Detection Limits for the above listed analytes are provided in Section 17, Table 4. The Detection Limit differs from, and is usually lower than (but never above), the minimum reporting level (MRL) (Sect. 3.17). The concentration range for target analytes in this method was evaluated between 0.5 ug/L and 20 ug/L for a 40-mL sample. Precision and accuracy data are presented in Section 17, Tables 5 - 10.


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