EPA Method 2191

There are significant changes from the draft reissued permit publicly noticed on June 29, 2013·. All minor changes and their rationale for changes can be found in the following response to conditions of certification or response to comments.. · A. Method 1668C for PCBs is added to the final permit in accordance with the State conditions. of certification;

B. Effluent limitations and monitoring requirements for impaired parameters in disch¥ges ~o: imprured waters are added to the final permit in accordance with the State conditions of certification; and . C. 6T3 temperatUre li~itation is ~dded to Outfall 001 in accordance with the. State c~ndltioils of . · .· · certification. · · · State Certification . State certification lettetfrom

Mr. James Hogan (NMED) to Mt:.-WilliamHonkei' (EPA), dated September 19, 2013,_conditionally certifies that the discharge wiU comply With the applicable provisions of the Clean Water Act and with appropriate requirements of State law. NMED also includes cominentS in the certification letter. · Note: Inclusion of permit requirements to comply with conditions of certification are required. by 40. · . CFR § 124.55(a)(2). Challenges to conditions of certification must be made throughNMED.

In any .case, if conditions are based on procedures or guidelines, rather than state regulations or statutes, EPA would treat those conditions as recommendations or comments, and would respond accordingly. If any condition Will result in less stringent permit conditions, then EPA would treat those conditions .as a . statement of the extent to which the permit could be made less stringent (see 40 CFR §124.53(e)(3)).


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