EPA Method 9212

Identify the surface area to be sampled. Wearing a clean pair of powderless, chemotherapy-safe gloves, place a 10 x 10 cm (100 cm2 ) template on the surface and secure with tape. If the template cannot be placed on the targeted surface, measure 100 cm2 and outline with tape. For irregular shaped objects, measure the length and width in order to calculate and record the surface area. NOTE: Mitomycin C does show some light sensitivity (see Stability under Evaluation of Method section), so reasonable steps to minimize light exposure should be taken.

2. Apply 250 µL of extraction solvent to the area inside the template by use of an automatic pipet, moving it over the surface in order to spread the solvent as much as is possible. The surface can be wiped immediately. Reapply an aliquot of extraction solvent within the template for each wiping instance. NOTE: If the surface to be sampled is not amenable to the application of the extraction solvent (such as a wall or doorknob/handle or other surfaces where the solvent would run off), the solvent may be applied to the swabs or filter paper and used to wipe. Apply 250 µL of the extraction solvent to each of the three swabs or wipes in this case.

3. If using the polyester swab procedure: a. Apply even pressure with the swab and wipe using an overlapping S-pattern in the horizontal direction within the template. Invert the swab exposing the unused side, then wipe the same surface using an overlapping S-pattern in the vertical direction. Ensure that you have wiped the entire area inside the template. Cut, snip, or break the swab at the indentation above the swabbing material and drop into the 125-mL wide-mouth jar.


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