60-09-3 p-Aminoazobenzene

CAS Number:  60-09-3

Chemical Name:  p-Aminoazobenzene

Type of Toxicity:  cancer

Listing Mechanism:  Authoritative Bodies (AB)

Date Listed:  1-Jan-90

Chemical Formula:  C12H11N3

EC Number (EINECS):  200-453-6

Synonyms:  C.I. Solvent Yellow 1;p-(Phenylazo)aniline;p-Aminoazobenzene;p-Aminoazobenzol;p-Aminodiphenyldiimide;Aniline Yellow;Brasilazina Oil Yellow G;C.I. 11000;Cellitazol R;Ceres Yellow R;Fast Spirit Yellow;Fat Yellow AAB;Induline R;Oil Soluble Aniline Yellow;Oil Yellow AAB;Oil Yellow AB;Oil Yellow AN;Oil Yellow B;Organol Yellow 2A;Solvent Yellow 1;Somalia Yellow 2G;Sudan Yellow R;4-Aminoazobenzene;4-Aminoazobenzol;4-Phenylazoaniline;4-Aminoazobenzene,CI

Appearance:  powder

Melting Point:  124 C

Boiling Point:  360 C

Stability:  Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.

Molecular Weight:  197.2360

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