Butanoic Acid

ALS Environmental may or may not test for Butanoic Acid (CAS # 107-92-6). Information is subject to change; please contact us for the latest available analytes for which we test.

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Analyte:  Butanoic Acid

Alternate Name:  n-Butanoic Acid

Abbreviation:  BTA

CAS Number or ID:  107-92-6

Department:  Organics

EC Number (EINECS):  107-92-6

Synonyms:  Butyric acid;n-Butanoic acid;n-Butyric acid;Ethylacetic acid;Propylformic acid;1-Butyric acid;1-Propanecarboxylic acid;n-C3H7COOH;Propanecarboxylic acid;Butanic acid;Buttersaeure;IMET 3393;Kyselina maselna;UN 2820;1-butanoic acid

Chemical Formula:  C4H8O2

Apearance:  colourless liquid with the extremely unpleasant smell of rancid butter

Melting Point:  -5 C

Boiling Point:  164 C

Vapor Density:  3.0 (air = 1)

Vapor Pressure:  0.84 mm Hg at 20 C

Flash Point:  71 C

Explosion Limits:  2.2 - 13.4%

Water Solubility:  complete

Stability:  Stability Flammable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, aluminium and most other common metals, alkalies, reducing agents.


Laboratory tests that may be available by ALS - Columbia for Butanoic Acid (CAS # 107-92-6):

Organic Acids Organic Acids in Aqueous Matrices by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Liquid 2 HPLC


More analytical test methods may be available for Butanoic Acid. Please contact us for the latest available analytes and methods.