EPA-Methods m-310a

The focal point of a compliance test is the stack or duct which vents process and/or combustion gases and air pollutants from anemissions unit into the ambient air.(1) Required Number of Test Runs. For mass emission limitations, a compliance test shall consist of three complete andseparate determinations of the total air pollutant emission rate through the test section of the stack or duct and three complete andseparate determinations of any applicable process variables corresponding to the three distinct time periods during which the stackemission rate was measured; provided, however, that three complete and separate determinations shall not be required if the processvariables are not subject to variation during a compliance test, or if three determinations are not necessary in order to calculate theunit’s emission rate.

The three required test runs shall be completed within one consecutive five-day period. In the event that asample is lost or one of the three runs must be discontinued because of circumstances beyond the control of the owner or operator,and a valid third run cannot be obtained within the five day period allowed for the test, the Secretary or his or her designee mayaccept the results of the two complete runs as proof of compliance, provided that the arithmetic mean of the results of the twocomplete runs is at least 20% below the allowable emission limiting standard.

Operating Rate During Testing. Unless otherwise stated in the applicable emission limiting standard rule, testing ofemissions shall be conducted with the emissions unit operating at permitted capacity as defined below. If it is impracticable to test at permitted capacity, an emissions unit may be tested at less than the maximum permitted capacity; in this case, subsequent emissionsunit operation is limited to 110 percent of the test rate until a new test is conducted. Once the unit is so limited, operation at highercapacities is allowed for no more than 15 consecutive days for the purpose of additional compliance testing to regain the authority tooperate at the permitted capacity.



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