Phenyl isothiocyanate - CAS # 103-72-0

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Chemical Name:  Phenyl isothiocyanate

Chemical Formula:  C7H5NS

CAS Number:  103-72-0

Synonyms:  Isothiocyanic acid, phenyl ester;Isothiocyanatobenzene;Phenyl isothiocyanate;Phenyl mustard oil;Phenyl thioisocyanate;Thiocarbanil;Phenyl thiocyanate;Benzene-1-isothiocyanate;Phenylsenfoel;USAF m-4;Fenylisothiokyanat;Pitc

Appearance:  colourless to pale yellow liquid with a penetrating odour

Melting Point:  -21 C

Boiling Point:  221 C

Vapor Density:  4.65 (air = 1)

Water Solubility:  negligible

Stability:  Stable. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong acids.

Molecular Weight:  135.187