Anti Human 4F2 Heavy Chain (4F2hc:CD98) | Gentaur

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Anti Human 4F2 Heavy Chain (4F2hc:CD98) | 87-KE020

Cat. No. :FNK-KE020

Size :250 µg (500 uL/vial)

Format :Rabbit polyclonal antibody 0.5mg/mL

Antigen :Partial peptide

GeneBank ID :6520

Host Animal :Rabbit

Cross Reactivity :Human

Application :Immuno HistoChemistry (50 µg/mL)

Buffer :Block Ace as a stabilizer, containing 0.1% Proclin as a bacteriostat

Storage :Store below –20℃. Once thawed, store at 4℃. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles should be avoided.

Purification Method :This antibody was purified from rabbit serum immunized with synthesized peptide of C- end of

human 4F2hc by protein G affinity chromatography.


Mammalian amino acid transport system is consisted of large variety of transporters with the reflection of amino acid molecule variety, and is classfied into various transport systems by the transportative substrate selectivity and the Na+ dependence with the reflection of amino acid molecule variety.