Anti-Pan CytokeRatin magnetic beads | Gentaur

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100 µL
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Anti-Pan CytokeRatin magnetic beads | 39-CUST

  • Absolute reproducibility
  • Low background binding
  • High sensitivity
  • Easily automated
  • No centrifugation, precipitation, or filtration—all you need is a magnet
  • Robust and gentle, with optimal binding kinetics
  • Few handling steps, no sample dilution, minimal sample loss

Absolute reproducibility

All Dynabeads products are produced with full control of parameters such as bead size, surface area, iron content, and magnetic mobility. The absence of excess physically adsorbed streptavidin helps ensure negligible leakage and secures a minimal batch-to-batch variation.

The uniform characteristics and unique reproducibility within (CV <3%) and between batches helps reduce costs associated with quality control testing. Whether for your research project or for IVD testing activities, you can rely on the consistent performance of Dynabeads products.

Pan Cytokeratin antibody LS-C171247 is a Magnetic beads-conjugated mouse monoclonal antibody to Pan Cytokeratin from human. It is reactive with human and rat. Validated for IP.