CDC16 Polyclonal Antibody | G-AB-01414

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Human, Mouse
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CDC16 Polyclonal Antibody | G-AB-01414 | Gentaur Antibodies

Overview: This gene encodes a component protein of the APC complex, which is composed of eight proteins and functions as a protein ubiquitin ligase. The APC complex is a cyclin degradation system that governs exit from mitosis. Each component protein of the APC complex is highly conserved among eukaryotic organisms. This protein and two other APC complex proteins, CDC23 and CDC27, contain a tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR) , a protein domain that may be involved in protein-protein interaction.

Category Type: Polyclonal Antibody

Research Areas: Cancer, Cell Biology

Synonyms: ANAPC6, Anaphase promoting complex subunit 6, Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 6, Apc 6, APC6, CDC 16, CDC16 (cell division cycle 16 S. cerevisiae homolog) , Cdc16, CDC16 homolog, CDC16 protein, CDC16, CDC16Hs, Cell division cycle 16, Cell division cycle 16 homolog, Cell division cycle protein 16 homolog, CUT9, Cyclosome subunit 6

Reactivity: Human, Mouse

Host: Rabbit

Isotype: IgG

Gene ID:

Accession #: NP_001072113

Clonality: Polyclonal

Immunogen: Synthetic peptide of human CDC16

Clone #:

Conjugation: Unconjugated

Swissprot: Q13042

Santa Cruz: sc-6395/sc-6393/sc-32508/sc-32510/sc-5615

Calculated MW: 72 kDa

Observed MW:

Concentration: 0.4 mg/mL

Buffer: PBS with 0.05% sodium azide and 50% glycerol, PH7.4

Purification method: Affinity purification

Application: WB, IHC, ELISA

Dilution: WB 1:500-1:2000, IHC 1:50-1:200

Storage: Store at -20°C. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.

CDC16 Polyclonal Antibody DataSheet

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