NFKBIB Monoclonal Antibody | G-AB-05652

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Human, Mouse, Rat
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NFKBIB Monoclonal Antibody | G-AB-05652 | Gentaur Antibodies

Overview: Inhibits NF-kappa-B by complexing with and trapping it in the cytoplasm. However, the unphosphorylated form resynthesized after cell stimulation is able to bind NF-kappa-B allowing its transport to the nucleus and protecting it to further NFKBIA-dependent inactivation. Association with inhibitor kappa B-interacting NKIRAS1 and NKIRAS2 prevent its phosphorylation rendering it more resistant to degradation, explaining its slower degradation.

Category Type: Monoclonal Antibody

Research Areas: Cancer, Epigenetics and Nuclear Signaling, Immunology, Signal Transduction

Synonyms: I kappa B beta, I-kappa-B-beta, IkappaBbeta, IKB beta, IkB-B, IkB-beta, IKBB, IKBB, IkBbeta, NF kappa BIB, NF-kappa-B inhibitor beta, NF-kappa-BIB, Nfkbib, Thyroid receptor interacting protein 9, Thyroid receptor-interacting protein 9, TR interacting protein 9, TR-interacting protein 9, TRIP-9, TRIP9

Reactivity: Human, Mouse, Rat

Host: Mouse

Isotype: IgG

Gene ID:

Accession #:

Clonality: Monoclonal

Immunogen: Recombinant Protein

Clone #:

Conjugation: Unconjugated

Swissprot: Q15653

Santa Cruz:

Calculated MW:

Observed MW:

Concentration: 1 mg/mL

Buffer: PBS with 0.02% sodium azide, 0.5% BSA and 50% glycerol, pH7.4

Purification method: Protein A purification

Application: IHC-P, IF

Dilution: IHC 1:200, IF 1:50-200

Storage: Store at -20°C. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.

NFKBIB Monoclonal Antibody DataSheet