PCNA Polyclonal Antibody | G-AB-12707

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PCNA Polyclonal Antibody | G-AB-12707 | Gentaur Antibodies

Overview: Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen, commonly known as PCNA, is a protein that acts as a processivity factor for DNA polymerase δ in eukaryotic cells. This protein is an auxiliary protein of DNA polymerase delta and is involved in the control of eukaryotic DNA replication by increasing the polymerase's processibility during elongation of the leading strand. PCNA induces a robust stimulatory effect on the 3'-5' exonuclease and 3'-phosphodiesterase, but not apurinic-apyrimidinic (AP) endonuclease, APEX2 activities. It has to be loaded onto DNA in order to be able to stimulate APEX2. PCNA protein is highly conserved during evolution; the deduced amino acid sequences of rat and human differ by only 4 of 261 amino acids. PCNA has been used as loading control for proliferating cells.

Category Type: Control Antibody

Research Areas: Cancer, Cell Biology, Epigenetics and Nuclear Signaling, Tags & Cell Markers

Synonyms: ATLD2, cb16, Cyclin, DNA polymerase delta auxiliary protein, etID36690.10, fa28e03, fb36g03, HGCN8729, MGC8367, Mutagen-sensitive 209 protein, PCNA, Pcna/cyclin, PCNA, PCNAR, Polymerase delta accessory protein, Proliferating cell nuclear antigen

Reactivity: Human

Host: Rabbit

Isotype: IgG

Gene ID: 5111

Accession #:

Clonality: Polyclonal

Immunogen: Synthetic peptide of Human Proliferating cell nuclear antigen

Clone #:


Swissprot: P12004

Santa Cruz:

Calculated MW: 28 kDa

Observed MW: 35 kDa

Concentration: 1mg/mL

Buffer: PBS with 0.05% Proclin300, 50% glycerol, pH7.3.

Purification method: Antigen Affinity Purification

Application: WB

Dilution: WB 1:3000-1:7000

Storage: Store at -20℃. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.

PCNA Polyclonal Antibody DataSheet

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