MYH pan Monoclonal Antibody | G-AB-05737

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Human, Mouse, Rat, Fruitfly, Nematode
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MYH pan Monoclonal Antibody | G-AB-05737 | Gentaur Antibodies

Overview: Myosin is a major contractile protein which converts chemical energy into mechanical energy through the hydrolysis of ATP. Myosin is a hexameric protein composed of a pair of myosin heavy chains (MYH) and two pairs of nonidentical light chains. Myosin heavy chains are encoded by a multigene family. In mammals at least 10 different myosin heavy chain (MYH) isoforms have been described from striated, smooth, and nonmuscle cells. These isoforms show expression that is spatially and temporally regulated during development.

Category Type: Monoclonal Antibody

Research Areas: Cancer, Cardiovascular, Signal Transduction

Synonyms: MYH1, Myosin-1, Myosin heavy chain 1, Myosin heavy chain 2x, MyHC-2x, Myosin heavy chain IIx/d, MyHC-IIx/d, Myosin heavy chain, skeletal muscle, adult 1, MYH2, MYHSA2, Myosin-2, Myosin heavy chain 2Myosin heavy chain 2, Myosin heavy chain 2a, MyHC-2a, Myosin heavy chain IIa, MyHC-IIa, Myosin heavy chain, skeletal muscle, adult 2, MYH3, Myosin-3, Muscle embryonic myosin heavy chain, Myosin heavy chain 3

Reactivity: Human, Mouse, Rat, Fruitfly, Nematode

Host: Mouse

Isotype: IgG

Gene ID:

Accession #:

Clonality: Monoclonal

Immunogen: Synthetic Peptide

Clone #: Clone:2F3

Conjugation: Unconjugated

Swissprot: P12882, Q9UKX2, P11055, Q9Y623, P13533, P12883, P13535

Santa Cruz:

Calculated MW:

Observed MW:

Concentration: 1 mg/mL

Buffer: PBS with 0.02% sodium azide, 50% glycerol, pH7.4

Purification method: Protein A purification

Application: IF

Dilution: IF 1:50-200

Storage: Store at -20°C. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.

MYH pan Monoclonal Antibody DataSheet

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